What is ASC?

  •  A 4-semester Elite Master's programme within the „Elitenetzwerk Bayern" (Elite Network of Bavaria) taught in English for highly qualified students that aim for higher career goals.
  • Designed for holders of excellent Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering, Computer Science, or closely related disciplines.
  • Admission is granted to highly talented individuals only. Applicants that are in doubt whether they meet the tough admission standards are encouraged to simultaneously apply to other MSc programmes of FAU.
  • Focusing on fundamental concepts for advanced technologies in the areas of signal processing and communications such as: information theory, coding, and statistical signal processing, machine learning, optimization, and game theory.

What does make ASC different?

  • A kick-off seminar right before the winter semester
  • A winter school complements the scientific education with soft-skills, in general, and people management and business development, in particular.
  • A summer school prepares the students for the research-based training in the 2nd year of the programme.
  • The study programme includes three research projects, one of them being the six-month master thesis.
  • Publication of research results is strongly encouraged and travel costs for conference presentations will be covered.
  • Students will be aided by professors in setting up an individualized study programme tailored to their interest and career goals.
  • Student jobs for all students are guaranteed to cover their cost of living.