ASC focuses on interdisciplinary concepts that are fundamental for advanced technologies in the areas of signal processing and communications. Besides information theory, coding, and statistical signal processing, these are machine learning, optimization, and game theory. Students deepen the broad interdisciplinary scope of these topics choosing various areas of specialization. 

Selected faculty members guide the students in composing their own curricula tailored to their individual interests and career goals.

The four-semester curriculum starts with a kick-off seminar right before the winter semester. The study programme includes three research projects, one of them being the six-month master thesis. 

A winter school complements the scientifc education with soft-skills, in general, and people management and business development, in particular.

A summer school prepares the students for the research-based training in the 2nd year of the programme. Furthermore, students can opt for participation in various events organized by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern.